DeVry developed its Web Graphic Design program to prepare graduates to develop graphic media-web pages, marketing collateral, advertising, instructional material and multimedia projects-by applying a collaborative approach. Working in a variety of areas such as advertising, marketing, technical communications, publishing and training, web graphic designers use software applications to design, illustrate, compile and produce visual solutions for communications, especially for the Internet.
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Online Open Access Journals

Advances in Multimedia
Advances in Multimedia is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that publishes original research articles as well as review articles in all areas of multimedia.
DOAJ:  Directory of Open Access Journals
DOAJ is an online directory that indexes and provides access to quality open access, peer-reviewed journals.
International Journal of Multimedia & Its Applications
The International journal of Multimedia & Its Applications (IJMA) is a bi monthly open access peer-reviewed journal that publishes articles which contribute new results in all areas of the Multimedia & its applications. The journal focuses on all technical and practical aspects of Multimedia and its applications. The goal of this journal is to bring together researchers and practitioners from academia and industry to focus on understanding recent developments this arena, and establishing new collaborations in these areas.

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Web Design & Multimedia Search Engine
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Creative Cow is a "peer-to-peer support community for media production professionals". The site includes tutorials, podcasts, a magazine, forums, and training.
Graphic Design & Publishing Center
The Design & Publishing Center is all about the exchange of information, news, reviews, and all things revolving around the broad topics of design and publishing. Here you will find all kinds of resources relating to graphics, layout, design and typography.
HTML Help from the Web Design Group
The Web Design Group was founded to promote the creation of non-browser specific, non-resolution specific, creative and informative sites that are accessible to all users worldwide. To this end, the WDG offers material on a wide range of HTML related topics.
A List Apart Topics:  Design
Visual communication, art direction. Web layouts and typography. Graphic design, interface design, user experience design, illustration, photography, artwork. Creative, strategic, and technical approaches to crafting great interfaces. Visual styles, influences, and trends.
The Principles of Design
Resources on Accessible Web Design
Resources for creating pages that are accessible to everyone, including those who have disabilities. The list is maintained by Technology Specialist Terrill Thompson from the University of Washington.
Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design is a one-stop source for government web designers to learn how to make websites more usable, useful, and accessible. The site addresses a broad range of factors that go into web design and development.
W3Schools Online Web Tutorials  
Web Design Principles Checklist
This list is a part of a series of "how-to" guides put together by Virginia Montecino, a retired professor from George Mason University. It includes a comprehensive checklist of principles to consider when creating web sites.
Web Pages That Suck
Created by Vincent Flanders, this site showcases examples of "bad" web design. Flanders is the author of Web pages that suck: Learn good design by looking at bad Design and Son of web pages that suck.
Web Style Guide
One of the oldest  (created in 1995) and most respected Web development sites, is all about the Web and Web mastery. From browsing to authoring, HTML to advanced site design, we'll keep you informed.