Unlike fossil fuels, which are exhaustible, renewable energy sources regenerate and can be sustained indefinitely.
US Energy Information Administration. (2013, September 27). Renewable energy sources-energy explained-your guide to understanding energy. Retrieved from

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Interdisciplinarity in Engineering

International Journal of Renewable Energy Research
Journal of Natural Resources and Development
Journal of Power Technologies
Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy
Journal of Sustainable Energy
Materials for Renewable and Sustainable Energy
Mechatronics, Electrical Power, and Vehicular Technology

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Sustainability/Renewable Energy Search Engine
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Alternative Energy Institute
Home Energy Audits
This website outlines some different ways to do home energy audits.
National Renewable Energy Lab
This is the website for the National Renewable Energy Lab where the government conducts research and development on renewable energy.
Renewable Energy Resources
Renewable Energy World
This website gives a good overview of each of the renewable energy sources.
Science Daily
This is an excellent publication that provides the latest news and developments in the science community.
US Department of Energy  (Fossil Fuels)
Provides basic information on all fossil fuels
US Department of Energy:  Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy