Psychology is the science of the mind and its processes.
Psychology. (2005). In Science in the early twentieth century: An encyclopedia. Retrieved from

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achievement motivation, aggression, ambition, assertiveness, attitude, authority, behaviorism, change, charismatic authority, Christian leadership, cognition, command of troops, Communist leadership, community leadership, competition, compliance,  conflict, conservation leadership, Constructivism, Contingency Theory, control, criminal psychology, development leadership, educational leadership, educational psychology, ego, emotions, employee motivation, executive ability, extraversion, extrinsic motivation, failure, followership, goal, habit, human behavior, id, identity, impulse, incentive, individuality, intrinsic motivation, job enrichment, leaders, leadership on television, Least Effort Principle, level of aspiration, management, manipulative behavior, moral motivation, morale, motivation, need, Operant Behavior, performance, personality, praise, problem solving, punishment, reinforcement, Remotivation Therapy, reward, Routinization of Charisma, self-actualization, Self-Determination Theory, servant leadership, sports psychology, superior-subordinate relationship, supervisors, threat, Transactional Leadership, Transformational Leadership, trust  


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Europe's Journal of Psychology
Frontiers in Psychology  
International Journal of Educational Psychology  
Open Psychology Journal   
Psychological Topics  
Psychology & Society

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Psychology Search Engine
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Brain from Top to Bottom
This is tiered learning site on the brain.
Center for Creative Leadership
The Center operates a number of recognize executive education programs and the site has a variety of free white papers and articles on leadership.
Classics in the History of Psychology
Seeks to provide full texts access to a large number of historically significant public domain works in psychology and related disciplines.
Conversation:  Psychology 
An accessible source of information, analysis and commentary from the academic and research sector on topics of general interest.
Discovering Psychology 
A portal to general and current issues in the field of psychology of interest to undergraduates and general readers.
Encyclopedia of Psychology 
This is a portal rather than an encyclopedia, but it is still an extensive gateway a range of sources.
Harvard's Business School's Working Knowledge  
A forum for innovative leadership providing pre-publication reports on  research and innovation in leadership.
Intute:  Psychology  
A gateway to Psychology topics. The site is designed to supplement undergraduate coursework in psychology.
Leadership Development 
Leadership Education and Development, provides a free e-newsletter and e-magazine.  A free membership is needed to access their online library.
National Academies:  Behavioral & Social Sciences 
Free full text of books published by the National Academy of Sciences, Institute of Medicine, National Research Council and others.
Personality Project
A collection of web sites focusing on the academic study of personality
A gateway to an annotated list of online resources pertaining to psychology and mental health.
Psychological Research on the Net 
A gateway to participating in a variety of surveys on a wide range of psychological topics.
Psychology Resources around the World
Provides access to resources by nation as well as a menu of subject directories.
Psychology Topics from APA 
Information from the American Psychological Association on more than 40 everyday topics on how Psychology can be applied to everyday life.
A gateway to psychology related websites for undergraduate students.
PsycPORT™:  Psychology Newswire 
An APA supported site about psychology in the news.
Scitalks:  Psychology
A streaming video collection of numerous psychological topics.
Social Psychology Network  
A comprehensive site of resources for research and teaching.
Social Science Research Network
Open access repository of social science research. Most papers are free; some require a fee. Free login required.
Virtual Psychology Classroom
A directory of supplemental sources for psychology students.