Resources for understanding the theory and practice of conducting large public and private dealings in money. Important institutions of private finance include those that deal with insurance, banking, stocks, bonds, and other securities. Public finance involves the management of the revenues (such as taxes), expenditures, and debts of the state.
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Online Open Access Journals

Australasian Accounting Business and Finance Journal
DOAJ:  Directory of Open Access Journals
DOAJ is an online directory that indexes and provides access to quality open access, peer-reviewed journals.
Finance:  Challenges of the Future
Financial Theory and Practice
Journal of Economics and Business Research
Journal of Economics, Finance and Administrative Science
Public Finance Quarterly

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Books 24x7
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Finance Search Engine
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BizNar, a federated search engine, scans all kinds of resources, including periodicals such as Advertising Age, government resources such as and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, news sources Businessweek and the Wall Street Journal, and social networks like LinkedIn and Wordpress.
Bloomberg BusinessWeek 
Bonds Online 
News and information about bonds for private corporations to government entities are found on this website.
CNN Money 
Commodity Futures Trading Commission 
Information about commodities trading, laws and regulations are found on this website. The role of derivatives in the U.S. economy (futures and swaps markets) are explained.
From the US Securities and Exchange Commission.
Federal Reserve Statistical Release
The Federal Reserve provides daily interest rates on a variety of US Treasury and other securities effect by the Fed policy.
Federal Reserve System  
International Monetary Fund  (IMF) 
Motley Fool  
Covers personal finance topics such as debt, investing, mortgages, car loans and retirement planning. Personal finance message boards and journal articles are found here.
Office of Investor Education and Advocacy  (SEC) 
Offers access to Securities and Exchange Commission publications, corporate filings, financial research strategies, and explains the process for filing complaints.
Stock charts from major markets around the world with ability to create your own charts with archival stock data.
US Department of the Treasury 
US Securities and Exchange Commission  (SEC) 
World Bank