The application of science to the identification, collection, examination, and analysis of data while preserving the integrity of the information and maintaining a strict chain of custody for the data.
National Institute of Standards and Technology. (2006). Guide to integrating forensic techniques into incident response. Retrieved from

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computer crimes, computer hackers, computer networks--decurity measures, computer security, cryptography, data protection, electronic discovery (law), electronics in criminal investigation, forensic sciences--data processing, hacking (computer security)


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Online Open Access Journals

DOAJ:   Directory of Open Access Journals
DOAJ is an online directory that indexes and provides access to quality open access, peer-reviewed journals.
International Journal of Cyber Criminology
A peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal dedicated to the study of cyber-crime deterrence.
The International Journal of Forensic Computer Science
Based in Brazil, the IJoFCS is a peer reviewed journal that seeks to advance the profession and present current research

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Credo Reference
EBSCO eBook Collection
Safari Books Online


Digital Forensics Search Engine
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Berkeley Law Student Journals
Gateway to the searchable student edited law journals of the University of California.
Computer Emergency Response Team
Computer Forensic Tool Testing  (CFTT)  Project
A project at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to establish specifications, procedures, criteria, sets, and hardware for computer forensics tools.
Computer Forensics World
A portal to computer forensics resources.
Provides research on program effectiveness reviewed and rated by expert reviewers.
Cyber Security and Information Systems Information Analysis Center
Department of Homeland Security  
The Electronic Evidence Information Center--The Digital Forensics Bibliography
FBI Cyber Crime
Search portal to access to federal government official statistical information.
Incident Management 
From the US Department of Energy.
Information Analysis Center
Information Assurance Technology Center  (IATAC)
Security response publications.
Law Library  
An extensive collection of  introductory-level entries on justice administration and related topics.
National Academies Press
Publishes more than 200 titles a year from the National Academy of Sciences and the National Research Council.
National Archive of Criminal Justice Data
National Criminal Justice Reference Service  
National Institute of Justice
Reports from the research, development and evaluation arm of the US Department of Justice.
National Institute of Justice--Digital Evidence and Forensics
A clearing hours for development of tools for assisting law enforcement in fighting e-crime and collecting digital evidence.
Open CRS
The Congressional Research Service (CRS) is a "think tank" that provides research reports to members of Congress. This is a database of reports released to the public by a member of  the Congress.
Open Source Digital Forensics
This is a reference site for open source software used in digital investigations. It requires free login.
SANS Forensic White Papers
A collection of whitepapers authored by forensic practitioners seeking GCFA, GCFE, and GREM Gold.
A database of legislative information on the US Congress.
World Criminal Justice Library Network
Portal to a global collection of on line justice administration resources.