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Which Founder Are You?  Who were these Founding Fathers? Learn more about the men who founded our nation.
Questions for the Naturalization Test  Do you know the answer?  Here are 100 civics questions and answers from the US Citizenship and Immigration Services Naturalization Test
The Constitution Challenge is a ten question quiz 
The Constitution Facts US History Quiz 


10 Fast Facts on the Constitution.
The Library of Congress has a resources page for teachers with documents, lesson plans, and  readings. 
The Library of Congress also has an online collection of Documents from the Continental Congress and the Constitutional Convention  as well as Texts, Commentaries, Historical Texts and Judicial Decisions , and a web guide to primary sources about the Constitution http.
Annotated US Constitution
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Bill of Rights

The National Archives has a site devoted to the first ten amendments to the Constitution  
Bill of Rights Institute
seeks to educate Americaís youth about the words and ideas of nationís Founders.
Bill of Rights Defense Committee


School House Rock - The Constitution  
Schoolhouse Rock: America - I'm Just a Bill
TED ED: The Making of the American Constitution 
Congressman Tim Ryan's book talk on A Mindful Nation

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Project Gutenberg  provides free copies of titles like The American Crisis  by Thomas Paine; Common Sense by Thomas Paine  and  The Federalist Papers by Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison

Library EBooks

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