Computer Engineering Technology takes an applications-oriented approach to designing and implementing software, interfaces that link computers to other physical systems, and computer systems or other digital subsystems; design software systems; create code and protocols; test and evaluate hardware and software products and processes; and diagnose and solve problems.
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computer engineering, computer engineers, computer programming, computer programs, software engineering, software engineers, software failure, computer software, programming languages  (electronic computers), assembly language (computer program language), embedded computer systems, computer networks, electronic data processing-distributed processing, operating systems (computers)


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International Journal on Computer Science & Engineering
Journal of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Journal of Engineering Science & Technology

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BABEL:  A Glossary of Computer Oriented Abbreviations and Acronyms
Combinations of letters used at one time or another in magazines, newspapers, handbooks, etc. They apply to personal computers, multimedia, communications, programming, networking, etc.